Friday, February 13, 2009

Welcome to the Re- Opening Of Club Penguin Global Academy!

Today is the day! The Grand, spectacular, amazing, awesome, SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET re-opening of Club Penguin Global Academy! We are gonna set a record on this blog for the most Club Penguin cheats in one day! In no particular order, each member of our team will post AT LEAST 1 cheat today! So that means that Polar Amigo, Gapboy999, Snowbuddy555, Bruen5, Molly222 and myself Frostylittle will all post something today! Cool right? Get ready for a HUGE wave of catalog cheats, free item locations, new pins and so much more! Are you excited yet? I know I am! Oh and the list below is all the penguins who helped us with re-opening our blog:
Molly22- Owner of Molly CP Cheats and CPGA Team Member
Brownie Wen- Owner Of Behind the penguin
Miss Pink- Owner of the Pink Potato
Bruen5- CPGA Team Member and owner of Super Smash Bros.

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