Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We're Back and better than ever!

After four long months of Club Penguin Global Academy being shut down, the entire team is back and better than ever! We're prepared to give you the BEST cheats, hints, tips, and much more all on Club Penguin! Get ready for a winter full of fun, cool new cheats and awsome parties for CPGA! On Friday, January 20th 2009, this blog will back up and running so be there for the grand re-opening party! Until than, we will be getting this blog back into shape sscreaming its name on every server! Get ready for a HUGE, AWSOME, and tottally cool blog this upcoming Friday! Be there and be square!
-President Frostylittle
IMPORTANT UPDATE- The re-opening has been delayed until Friday,13th, 2009 in Febuary. We greatly apoligize but not the whole team was ready

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Over the last year of 2008, the Club Penguin Global Academy team has given you all of the latest cheats, hints and lots more on Club Penguin. But as time has passed I have stopped posting on this blog and have moved on to new blogs, as well as the wrest of the team. As more members left, I started to get tired of this blog and left it on Tuesday, September 23rd 2008. I know many of you are still wondering what happened to all of team members so I decieded to to tell you each members current status:

Frostylittle(griffdog)- President (Me)- My last post is the one I'm writing right now, on January 17th, 2009. I was in charge of the entire team, blog and the cheats we posted right here. I posted the most out of the team, and as well as the most famous on the team. I started this blog myself, inspired by Mimo777 CP Cheats. As time went on, I figured it would be a lot more fun if I made a team. So, I searched every where in search of CP fans that I could trust as a member of my team. I first found Molly222, a experienced Club Penguin player who knew a lot about the game. I next found Polar Amigo, but not in CP! He was my next door neighbor, and was very interested in Club Penguin. So he set himself up an account and joined the team. Bruen5 was a good friend of mine on CP, so I let him join. One day on CP, I was sitting in the coffee shop when I noticed a penguin named Snowbuddy555, who was screaming where all of the new free items whereon Cp. I let her join the team. Gapboy999 was a HUGE friend of mine on CP and I let him also join. After I left CPGA near the end of September, I made a new blog about a show I loved Total Drama Island! I am still posting on that alot! I'll always be known as the president of CPGA.

Molly222- EX Vice President- Molly222's last post was on Sunday, September 7th 2008. She was one of the most dedicated members of the CPGA team. On Thursday September 11th, 2008 Molly started up a new blog called Molly222 CP Cheats which is still currently up to date postings. Since she was so busy with her own blog, she slowly stopped posting as much and finally completely stopped working with CPGA near the beginning of September. Her wok will always be appreciated. Email-

Polar Amigo- Chef Cheats- Polar Amigo actually never posted anything on CPGA, but he was VERY GOOD at finding hidden items in catalogs. He found almost every item hidden in the catalog, and reported it to us as soon as possible. He stopped playing Club Penguin in the middle of September and stopped giving us cheats, sadly. He currently doesn't have any website or blog so it will be hard to get in touch with him! However,he does occasionally give cheats to molly222's new blog once and a while. Without him, we wouldn't have all of those wonderful cheats. Email-None

Gapboy999-Pin Searcher- His last post was on August 28th 2008. He was best known for getting us Pin cheats very early in the morning! Sometimes he would tell wake me up at six to give me the cheats! He is occasionally helping Molly222 find pins on Club Penguin in her new blog, Molly222 Cp Cheats. He was also the youngest member of the CPGA team, and was one of the most helpful. His pin skills will always be appreciated. Email- None

Snowbuddy555-Free Item Finder- Her last post was on Friday August 29th 2008. Snowbuddy555 was the least experienced player on CP. She was a Non-member who was known for getting free items on CP the most. She reported us weekly abou new free items. We will always know her as the best free item searcher on the team. She has currently moved away from CP for good. She was the oldest on the team. Email-

Bruen5-Party Planner- Bruen5's one and only post was on Thursday, September 11th, 2008. He was best known as the party animal, always planning parties for CPGA. He was alot of fun having on the team, always getting the whole team together once a month for huge party. He has been occasionally posting on his new blog Super Smash Bros. He stayed on the team after everyone besides myself left, so he was truley a team member. He will always be known as the fun guy on CPGA Team, forever. Email- None

As more and more members started to leave the team, it was hard for me to do all thw work alone. So I found new interested and moved on. This blog will always be open and might even go back into business some day. For now, I want to say-


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