Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's time to say Goodbye...

Dear Fans and Fellow Penguins,
We've had some amazing experiences here at CPGA. We earned great fans, excellent friends and awesome helpers. We never imagined having so many people come to this small, old blog to actually find some Club Penguin cheats. Compared to most blogs, I never even thought of someone leaving a comment. It was an experience of a life time.
Sometimes great things have to end, so better things can be made. I sure will miss this place, and everything about it. I'll miss my first fan EVER, my first advertisement helper and everything in between. Every time I posted the simplest or smallest cheat, you guys made me feel so happy.
Like many other blogs, we are coming to an end. Club Penguin Global Academy was a blast, and it always will be. We are now officially closed for good.
But... You haven't seen the last of us! We are now working on a new, better blog that will make your socks fly off. Yup, and its called Club Penguin Neighborhood. It's coming to you dedicated fans this summer, and I know you'll just love it! Most of the CPGA team are coming back, all except one member. Here is the web address:
Below is a list of people who have helped us big time with this blog.
Bob123456789- Our first full time fan EVER
SITE: None
Molly222- One of the most dedicated CPGA team members and a great Vice President
Polar Amigo- A helpful CPGA team member who knows how to chair you up
SITE: Only this one
Gapboy999- A very strong spirited, CPGA team who had the guts to be the youngest member
SITE: Only this one
Bruen5- The funniest CPGA team member
Snowbuddy555- Even though she didn't post must, she was a kind member of CPGA
SITE: Only this one
Miss Pink- The first advertisement helper we've ever had
Brownie Wen- The second advertisement helper and the penguin who helped major in designing this blog
Thank you for all you've done, and...
GOOD BYE!!!!!!
-Frostylittle President of CPGA

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Summer Of Great Fun is coming...

Stay tuned on this blog for more information!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coming Soon!

Hey look in the cp nawspaper viking opera its coming soon May 8 - June 11

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A whole new beginning...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

SPLASH Into the Summer!

Right now, I'm giving the CPGA Team a little break. Alot of them have their own blogs and need some time to work on them. So, like many other Club Penguin Cheats blogs, we'll be closed until the summer. However, you get still check out our other blogs! Here they are:
Frostylittle's(me) Other Blog:
Molly222's Other Blog:
Thanks for all of your support!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

VIRUS ALERT: Penguins doing The Impossible!

This morning, on the server Snowy River, Bruen5 and me Frostylittle witnised the impossible. About twenty penguins, half red half green where standed in a striaght line like in the picture above. THEESE WHERE NOT REAL PENGUINS!!!!!!!! They where simply what we call Glitched Penguins! They can't talk more than one sentence(most don't talk at all) most of their names are Penguin124243123124(but now they are starting to have strange names penguins don't normally have like I love iraq) and they can't use the map. Today Bruen5 and me where sitting in front of the Dojo and saw about ten Green Penguins rush in. They all screamed "GO! GO GREEN" and left. We then saw them again at the Dock, BUT NOT ONLY GREEN BUT RED!!! Wow! We had a crazy morning!

-Frostylittle and Bruen5

Friday, February 20, 2009

Diffrent Rooms= Diffrent Puffle Themes!

Alot of the rooms on CP have their own Puffle Theme. Here are all of them!

PINK PARIDISE! (sorry I don't own any pink clothes!)

Yippee Yellow!

Blazing Black!

Go Green!

Big Blue!

Puffle Party Sweetness!

Wow! The puffle party is pretty SWEEEEEEEEEEET! Some rooms have puffle themes! I'll post all the diffrent themes later on. Here is the new-old free item. I already had it... Wish it would be something cooler. Maybe we could all email club penguin and ask them for a new free item. The entire CPGA team is gonna email them!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday To Molly222!!!

I wanted to give a HUGE BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MOLLY222! She is one of the most commited CPGA Team Members ever, and is always the most helpful! Even though she is super busy with her own blog, she STILL is part of Club Penguin Global and is always posing! So on today Febury, 20th molly222 will be having a HUGE party! I know it would make Molly222 extra happy if you guys on there could leave her a comment. That would make her day!
Happy B- Day Molly222!

Official CPGA Team Member: Super Spectactular Snowbuddy555!

Status-Non-Member(ALL THE TIME!)
Job- Retro Replacer
Gender- Female
Hola! Howdy! Sup! Hiya! Hello! I'm Snowbuddy555 the one and only! I'm on the computer 24/7 but not on this site! Nope, I don't even go on Club Penguin that much! My job is just to fill in for one of the team members, like if there sick or just can't post there job's cheats. I've done it a few times for Gapboy999 and Polar Amigo, but thats all! So I'm betting you think I'm the least important member of the team, which is true! I LOVE puffles, I think there so cute! Even though mine all ran away... Sigh... When I am on, I mostly just get the free items and then just log off. Sorry but you won't be seeing much of me! My favorite item is the pink cotton candy, which looks so good! Well bye bye!

CHEATS: New Stage Cheats!!

Here is the new stage cheats! To get them look at the penguin in the red and click on the doge ball he is holding. A Red Viking Helmet will pop up and that is how you get it. Click on it four times to get the blue one.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Catalog Cheats!!!

Hey Guys this is Molly222 here. I got the new cheats for cp catalog and I had to put on the PGA blog as fast as I could and they are pretty cool.

Molly222 Here!!!

Hi Guys!!! I know I did not post on CPGA in a long long long time but now I am back on top!! Last night I emailed frostylittle and asked him if I can come back and join the CPGA team. Of course he said YES YES YES!!!!! he said that my job was to make catalog cheats. Then I said that I will make the cheats first thing in the morning bright and early! He thought that would be great and that is the story how I came back on the cpga team.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Box O Puffle O's Pin!

Hiya Guys! Gapboy999 here! Take a look at the newest pin on CP!

pin Info:


WHERE- Near the entrance near a lamp

Till Next time


Puffle Party coming soon!

Wow! I never knew it would take so many boxes just to plan
a puffle party!?!? Take a look for yourself!

We're(Frostylittle and Polar Amigo) above the Gift shop on
that small stand. Frostylittle have a ghost costume on and
Polar Amigo has a wizard hat. It was crowded up there!

What a huge box! Why are there balloons on it? Maybe
we're getting balloons as free items!

Can you spot us? We're sitting in a pile of snow near the
Stage. I wonder why there's so much construction

It looks alot like the Plaza. Doesn't it?
Another baloon box. Why did the water have to be drained?
-Polar Amigo and Frostylittle

PARTY POST: CPGA Valentimes Day Party!

WHERE- In the Night Club on the server Marshmallow
TIME- United States Eastern Time 5:00p.m. Club Penguin time zone 2:00p.m.
WHEN-February 13th, Saturday 2009 on Valentines Day( Tomorrow!)
I apoligize if you where planning to come to the party on friday but the schedule wouldn't work out! So come to an even better one tomorrow!
See yah there,

Welcome to the Re- Opening Of Club Penguin Global Academy!

Today is the day! The Grand, spectacular, amazing, awesome, SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET re-opening of Club Penguin Global Academy! We are gonna set a record on this blog for the most Club Penguin cheats in one day! In no particular order, each member of our team will post AT LEAST 1 cheat today! So that means that Polar Amigo, Gapboy999, Snowbuddy555, Bruen5, Molly222 and myself Frostylittle will all post something today! Cool right? Get ready for a HUGE wave of catalog cheats, free item locations, new pins and so much more! Are you excited yet? I know I am! Oh and the list below is all the penguins who helped us with re-opening our blog:
Molly22- Owner of Molly CP Cheats and CPGA Team Member
Brownie Wen- Owner Of Behind the penguin
Miss Pink- Owner of the Pink Potato
Bruen5- CPGA Team Member and owner of Super Smash Bros.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PARTY POST: CPGA First Ever Party!

This Friday, February 13th... 2009.... Will be the first ever CPGA Party! We will be celebrating the re-opening on of Club Penguin Global Academy! Be there and be square! You might be think right now "Hey! Friday the 13th! Maybe its a coincidence?" Maybe it is... Maybe it isn't...
Think this is just some boring old party with nobody going? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a look at who will probably be showing up!
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Frostylittle(me)- President and founder of CPGA
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Molly222 -Vice President and owner of Molly222 CP Cheats
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Probably Polar Amigo - The Poller
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Bruen5- Party Planner
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Gapboy999- Pin Finder (only for a short amount of time)
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Snowbuddy555-Free Item Finder ( short amount of time)
the following we sent invitations to:
Brownie Wen- Owner and founder of the site we advertise above Behind The Penguin
Becky1507- Team member of The Club Penguin Helpers
Miss Pink- Owner Of the Pink Potato and one of the penguins who we used to advertise for
Coolio317- Owner Of the Club Penguin Red Guitars
And many more!
But the most awesome person we invited was a cp staff moderator! We don't know if he or she will actually show up or even who he or she is. But it will be SWEEEEET!
Here is the party information:
WHERE- In the Night Club on the server Marshmallow
WHEN- United States Eastern Time 5:00p.m. Club Penguin time zone 2:00p.m.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting A Favicon!

Did anyone here ever notice that small icon on the top of the page next to the web adress? That's called a favicon. ALOT of awsome blogs have those. Well right now, where in the process of creating one! The picture of me above is gonna be the new favicon for this rocking site. Since we need to to write a post with a picture of the new favicon, I decieded to give you a little heads up about it. Hopefully this will make our blog a little cooler... At least I hope! Pretty sweet am I right? Or wrong? Do you like it?
Wanna make a favicon for YOUR site? Well here are the 3 easy steps I'm following on the site below.
Frostylittle- President of CPGA

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Official CPGA Team Member: Polar Amigo time!

Status- Non-Member(Usally member)
Job- The Poll Person
YO GUYS!!!!!!!! I started about two years ago. Right away my favorite game was bean counters. Now I'm returning and its great my new favorite game is jitsu card Battle with sensei im currently a red belt. My favorite place to hang is at my house which is a bamboo hut its 2 years old. I'm the only one in cp that has it.My favorite outfit is my jingle outfit which contains magic hat kings cape skull shirt crystal staff and elves shoes its crazy I'm not a normal gut in club penguin my favorite food is fries.I have three puffles green black red there awesome. Well catch you on cp! Oh and CHECK OUT MY POLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Polar Amigo. is out hq copy that boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We're Back and better than ever!

After four long months of Club Penguin Global Academy being shut down, the entire team is back and better than ever! We're prepared to give you the BEST cheats, hints, tips, and much more all on Club Penguin! Get ready for a winter full of fun, cool new cheats and awsome parties for CPGA! On Friday, January 20th 2009, this blog will back up and running so be there for the grand re-opening party! Until than, we will be getting this blog back into shape sscreaming its name on every server! Get ready for a HUGE, AWSOME, and tottally cool blog this upcoming Friday! Be there and be square!
-President Frostylittle
IMPORTANT UPDATE- The re-opening has been delayed until Friday,13th, 2009 in Febuary. We greatly apoligize but not the whole team was ready

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Over the last year of 2008, the Club Penguin Global Academy team has given you all of the latest cheats, hints and lots more on Club Penguin. But as time has passed I have stopped posting on this blog and have moved on to new blogs, as well as the wrest of the team. As more members left, I started to get tired of this blog and left it on Tuesday, September 23rd 2008. I know many of you are still wondering what happened to all of team members so I decieded to to tell you each members current status:

Frostylittle(griffdog)- President (Me)- My last post is the one I'm writing right now, on January 17th, 2009. I was in charge of the entire team, blog and the cheats we posted right here. I posted the most out of the team, and as well as the most famous on the team. I started this blog myself, inspired by Mimo777 CP Cheats. As time went on, I figured it would be a lot more fun if I made a team. So, I searched every where in search of CP fans that I could trust as a member of my team. I first found Molly222, a experienced Club Penguin player who knew a lot about the game. I next found Polar Amigo, but not in CP! He was my next door neighbor, and was very interested in Club Penguin. So he set himself up an account and joined the team. Bruen5 was a good friend of mine on CP, so I let him join. One day on CP, I was sitting in the coffee shop when I noticed a penguin named Snowbuddy555, who was screaming where all of the new free items whereon Cp. I let her join the team. Gapboy999 was a HUGE friend of mine on CP and I let him also join. After I left CPGA near the end of September, I made a new blog about a show I loved Total Drama Island! I am still posting on that alot! I'll always be known as the president of CPGA.

Molly222- EX Vice President- Molly222's last post was on Sunday, September 7th 2008. She was one of the most dedicated members of the CPGA team. On Thursday September 11th, 2008 Molly started up a new blog called Molly222 CP Cheats which is still currently up to date postings. Since she was so busy with her own blog, she slowly stopped posting as much and finally completely stopped working with CPGA near the beginning of September. Her wok will always be appreciated. Email-

Polar Amigo- Chef Cheats- Polar Amigo actually never posted anything on CPGA, but he was VERY GOOD at finding hidden items in catalogs. He found almost every item hidden in the catalog, and reported it to us as soon as possible. He stopped playing Club Penguin in the middle of September and stopped giving us cheats, sadly. He currently doesn't have any website or blog so it will be hard to get in touch with him! However,he does occasionally give cheats to molly222's new blog once and a while. Without him, we wouldn't have all of those wonderful cheats. Email-None

Gapboy999-Pin Searcher- His last post was on August 28th 2008. He was best known for getting us Pin cheats very early in the morning! Sometimes he would tell wake me up at six to give me the cheats! He is occasionally helping Molly222 find pins on Club Penguin in her new blog, Molly222 Cp Cheats. He was also the youngest member of the CPGA team, and was one of the most helpful. His pin skills will always be appreciated. Email- None

Snowbuddy555-Free Item Finder- Her last post was on Friday August 29th 2008. Snowbuddy555 was the least experienced player on CP. She was a Non-member who was known for getting free items on CP the most. She reported us weekly abou new free items. We will always know her as the best free item searcher on the team. She has currently moved away from CP for good. She was the oldest on the team. Email-

Bruen5-Party Planner- Bruen5's one and only post was on Thursday, September 11th, 2008. He was best known as the party animal, always planning parties for CPGA. He was alot of fun having on the team, always getting the whole team together once a month for huge party. He has been occasionally posting on his new blog Super Smash Bros. He stayed on the team after everyone besides myself left, so he was truley a team member. He will always be known as the fun guy on CPGA Team, forever. Email- None

As more and more members started to leave the team, it was hard for me to do all thw work alone. So I found new interested and moved on. This blog will always be open and might even go back into business some day. For now, I want to say-


Links- Molly222 CP Cheats-

Bruen5's blog-

Frostylittle's blog: Total Drama Island World-