Friday, February 13, 2009

Puffle Party coming soon!

Wow! I never knew it would take so many boxes just to plan
a puffle party!?!? Take a look for yourself!

We're(Frostylittle and Polar Amigo) above the Gift shop on
that small stand. Frostylittle have a ghost costume on and
Polar Amigo has a wizard hat. It was crowded up there!

What a huge box! Why are there balloons on it? Maybe
we're getting balloons as free items!

Can you spot us? We're sitting in a pile of snow near the
Stage. I wonder why there's so much construction

It looks alot like the Plaza. Doesn't it?
Another baloon box. Why did the water have to be drained?
-Polar Amigo and Frostylittle

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