Thursday, February 19, 2009

Official CPGA Team Member: Super Spectactular Snowbuddy555!

Status-Non-Member(ALL THE TIME!)
Job- Retro Replacer
Gender- Female
Hola! Howdy! Sup! Hiya! Hello! I'm Snowbuddy555 the one and only! I'm on the computer 24/7 but not on this site! Nope, I don't even go on Club Penguin that much! My job is just to fill in for one of the team members, like if there sick or just can't post there job's cheats. I've done it a few times for Gapboy999 and Polar Amigo, but thats all! So I'm betting you think I'm the least important member of the team, which is true! I LOVE puffles, I think there so cute! Even though mine all ran away... Sigh... When I am on, I mostly just get the free items and then just log off. Sorry but you won't be seeing much of me! My favorite item is the pink cotton candy, which looks so good! Well bye bye!

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