Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting A Favicon!

Did anyone here ever notice that small icon on the top of the page next to the web adress? That's called a favicon. ALOT of awsome blogs have those. Well right now, where in the process of creating one! The picture of me above is gonna be the new favicon for this rocking site. Since we need to to write a post with a picture of the new favicon, I decieded to give you a little heads up about it. Hopefully this will make our blog a little cooler... At least I hope! Pretty sweet am I right? Or wrong? Do you like it?
Wanna make a favicon for YOUR site? Well here are the 3 easy steps I'm following on the site below.
Frostylittle- President of CPGA

1 comment:

brownie wen said...

Love your idea! I might try that! by the way, I posted the copy and paste code on the "Free Logos!" section.