Sunday, February 8, 2009

Official CPGA Team Member: Polar Amigo time!

Status- Non-Member(Usally member)
Job- The Poll Person
YO GUYS!!!!!!!! I started about two years ago. Right away my favorite game was bean counters. Now I'm returning and its great my new favorite game is jitsu card Battle with sensei im currently a red belt. My favorite place to hang is at my house which is a bamboo hut its 2 years old. I'm the only one in cp that has it.My favorite outfit is my jingle outfit which contains magic hat kings cape skull shirt crystal staff and elves shoes its crazy I'm not a normal gut in club penguin my favorite food is fries.I have three puffles green black red there awesome. Well catch you on cp! Oh and CHECK OUT MY POLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Polar Amigo. is out hq copy that boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


brownie wen said...

Sorry. I'll post it on the new free logos section so you can copy it!

griffdog said...

Dear Polar Amigo,
We have some bad and good news involving Club Penguin Global Academy. The bad news is its shutting down. The good news is I'm opening a new blog called Club Penguin Neighborhood! Since you were a member of CPGA, we are inviting you to join the CPN team. Do you except? Please comment back on this page:
-Frostylittle Former President of CPGA and now President of CPN