Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PARTY POST: CPGA First Ever Party!

This Friday, February 13th... 2009.... Will be the first ever CPGA Party! We will be celebrating the re-opening on of Club Penguin Global Academy! Be there and be square! You might be think right now "Hey! Friday the 13th! Maybe its a coincidence?" Maybe it is... Maybe it isn't...
Think this is just some boring old party with nobody going? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a look at who will probably be showing up!
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Frostylittle(me)- President and founder of CPGA
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Molly222 -Vice President and owner of Molly222 CP Cheats
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Probably Polar Amigo - The Poller
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Bruen5- Party Planner
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Gapboy999- Pin Finder (only for a short amount of time)
CPGA TEAM MEMBER: Snowbuddy555-Free Item Finder ( short amount of time)
the following we sent invitations to:
Brownie Wen- Owner and founder of the site we advertise above Behind The Penguin
Becky1507- Team member of The Club Penguin Helpers
Miss Pink- Owner Of the Pink Potato and one of the penguins who we used to advertise for
Coolio317- Owner Of the Club Penguin Red Guitars
And many more!
But the most awesome person we invited was a cp staff moderator! We don't know if he or she will actually show up or even who he or she is. But it will be SWEEEEET!
Here is the party information:
WHERE- In the Night Club on the server Marshmallow
WHEN- United States Eastern Time 5:00p.m. Club Penguin time zone 2:00p.m.


brownie wen said...

Sorry Frosty! I can't come this friday. I was sooooo Exited. Can you somehow change it to Saturday?


brownie wen said...

dear CPGA,
would you like me to make you a new logo?


griffdog said...

hey brownie wen! I actulley don't need a new banner at the time! Thanks anyways! Are you sure you can't come on friday? I'm sorry but im unable to changeit to saturday.Maybe you could possibley come to the party a little late? That would be fine for me!