Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Website Sneak Peak!

Hey guys this is Molly222! We got a sneak peak of our new website theme! I will give you a hint: it is a fall theme! What do you think it looks like?


P.S. Back to school already!

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Game Of The Week: DJ3K!

Hi guys and welcome to our very first game of the week... DJ3K! This game just happens to be the latest game Club Penguin released! Well lets get started!
The object of the game is to make as much music as possible. That means you need to press ALOT of buttons! Up above is a picture of ALL the buttons you can press to make music. The more buttons you press the more music you make! That means more money! Compared to the other games, this game is very unique. It doesn't have levels, its not a multi player game and you really can't loose. That's one of the best parts of the game. Actually, this game is REALLY simple. Thats why so many people like it! Stay tuned for the next game of the week!
P.S. Don't forget to take a look at the wallpaper we made for this game!

New 150 Newspaper Pin!

Hey look the new pin is here! It must be in celebration of the 150th newspaper! Cool!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Club Penguin 150 Times!

WOW! I can't believe its finally here! This makes me think about all the good times I had on CP. What about you?


Furniture Sneak Peak!

Hi guys! Take a look at a sneak peak of the new furntiture catalog comming out tommorow. What do you think it is? I think the first picture looks like a mini coffie machine, the second one is a fire place the third one is a coffie shop chair and the forth I don't know. What do you think?


Soccer Pitch Now Open for Non members!

WOW! The Soccer Pitch is now open to us non members! But its only gonna be here for awile... Wouldn't be awsome if the Soccer Pitch could stay for GOOD? I would love that! Everyone, try to email Club Penguin and convince them to have the Soccer Pitch stay!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cool Cheat!

Hi guys! Check out this awsome cheat! Your CP Screen Will turn all blury like! To do this press the + and = sine on your keyboard! This button is usaully located next to the Backspace key. If you want to make the screen go back to normal click it again. Try it out!


Monday, August 25, 2008

CPGA Contest!

Hi guys! In my last post, I said you guys are going to get involved with something big and new to Club Penguin Global Academy. Here is what it is... A contest! The winner gets to be my buddy, and hang out with me for a day! I know I know its not much. But still its pretty cool. Here are the Rules.
1. You can make a video about the CP sports party and email me it. The Video MUST be titled "CPGA Sports Party!"
2. You could also even make a picture about the Sports Party and email it to me.
3. Write a poem about The CP Sports party and email me.
Heres My Email:
FIRST PLACE: Gets to be my buddy and hang out with me for awile. This penguin will also be posted on my blog!
Second Place: This penguin will get to be my buddy and its picture will be posted on my blog!
3rd Place: This penguins picture will be posted on my blog!
Note: All pictures, poems or vidoes WILL be posted on my blog!
P.S. I would really help if you could try to spread the news about this contest!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Website Look!

Hi guys! When the Penguin Games started, I changed the websites colors and pictures. What do you think of it? And please be as honest as possible.


P.S. Right now we have something pretty new and big in devolpment for our fans. All I'm allowed to say is that you guys are REALLY going to get invloved with this!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Penguin Games Events!

Here all the Penguin Even Tips.

Marothon: Run around the road that starts at the Ski Village and ends at the Cove. MAKE SURE TO STOP AT THE LIGHTS! All of the lights MUST be on at the end of the race.

Three Lap Race : Run around the Iceburg three times and stop at all of the lights. Again you must stop at all of the light to win this event!

Freestyle Swim: Swim from light to light back and forth.

Once you finish theese events, you will be able to get the Golden Medal! Cool!


The Club Penguin Games Face Paint!

Here is were you can find the red and blue face paint! The Red face paint is at the The Coffie Shop. The Blue Face Paint is at the Pizza Parlor. Pretty Cool right? What team are you on?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Penguin Games!

Hi penguins! Tommorow is the start of the penguin games! Heres what will be looking forward to seeing at them:
Cross Country Marathon ( Somehow G will keep track on this event)
Track and Field
The Ice Rink will be turned into a Soccer field for members only! Kinda like the VIP Backstage Area from the Music right? Its sounds like a load of fun! What do you think is going to be the best part of The Penguin Games?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Penguin Games Sneak Peek!

Hi guys! As many of you know, The Penguin Games is this Friday. Club Penguin realeased a sneak peek picture of the party. I think its mullet and the mouse thats in the Ski Lounge! What do you think?


The Game Of The Week!

Hi penguins! The CPGA Team is starting a new program called the game of the week! Every Thursday, one of the CPGA team members will make a post about a certin club penguin game. They will tell you how to play, tell you any cheats about the game and give away ALOT of tips! So stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rockhoppers Gone!

Oh man! It looks like Rockhopper already left. I didn't get to see him this time. I wonder when he'll come back next?
P.S. This Friday is the Penguin Games! I can't wait!
P.S.S. Don't foregt to anwser our new poll!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Truth About The Ninjas....

Hi guys! Remeber how yesterday on cp penguins were able to climb on walls? This turned out to be a bug that was started a few weeks ago when the new features were launched. The Club Penguin Moderators didn't expect this at all and are working on it right now! They said that even though they were able to get a great view of Club Penguin, they caused many games to act strange. Gapboy999 should know becuase when he was playing aqua grabber A mesage popped up saying you have been abondanded from club pengfuin for hacking! If this ever happens to you, email club penguin very fast! But, right now I'm still looking into this story. Stay tuned for more information.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

CP Goes Portable!

Hi guys! I don't if you already heard about it but Club Penguin is going on the Nintendo DS! The game will be called Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and will be ONLY on the ds. In this game you will be able to take on a special role as the Elite Force and solve mysteries even secret agents don't know about! You will also be able to play some of your favorite minigames and earn coins and other rewards that can be sent to your penguin acount! It should be done by the holiday season so all of us penguins can get it on Christmas! I think I know what I'm adding to my wish list...

NINJAS INVADING MAMMOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOOK! On the server mammoth black penguins with names like PENGUIN65079169 are on top of the night club!! Could theese penguins be... NINJAS!?!?! All of them appear to be saying things like r all and is so cool like and R and I. This seems to be some kind of Code! Also a ninja appeared at the Iceburg screaming penguins names!?! There is even one at the HQ AND ONE AT THE DOJO!! WHO ARE THEY!?!?! HOW DO THEY DO THAT!?!?! Nobody really knows but ALOT of penguins have been emailing cp. Stay tuned for nore information.
P.S. Sorry about the bad quallity of the pictures. I had a hard time getting them larger.

Frostylittle + Molly222

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cool New Igloos!

So how do you like the cool new igloos? What do you think of the new sports catalog? I love it and my friends like it too! I just put up a poll so don't miss it! Hope you like it bye!


Friday, August 15, 2008

New Club Penguin Snow and Sports Catalog!

Here are the cheats for the new Snow and Sports Catalog. Wow the catalog is pretty cool! What do you think of it?


New Club Penguin Dodge Ball Pin!

Theres a new pin at the Stage! This is the first time Club Penguin ever realesed a pin at the Stage before! Pretty cool right?


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rockhopper's Ship Igloo!

Hi guys!For a long time ALOT of penguins have wanted a ship igloo, and it looks like it will be arriving on Friday! The creator of the igloo is a construction worker named Rory. He is seen in the newspaper with Rookie. There 's actually some clues about this and CPGA is on the case! If you went into Rockhopper's private headquarters, on the notice board is a piece of paper that says "Visit Rory and see ye ship igloo." Also when you finish the blueprint to recieve the bacground there is a slip from Rory that says "Now I can get started on that ship igloo! If you want more information on this you should check out the artical on this in the newspaper. Until Next time!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Club Penguin Vinyl Record Pin!

Check out the new pin! You'll find it in the night club under the green puffle. Pretty cool right?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rockhopper Is Here With Awsome Items!

Hey guys check it out! Rockhopper has arrived and brought some really cool items! And for the first time ever he actually brought a hidden item! It rocks! My favorite item is the pirate boots whats yours? Until next time!

Club Penguin Gang!

Hi guys! This is frostylittle(griffdog) and I just wanted to tell you about this GREAT website. Its also a club penguin cheat website, but this ones really good. Its called Club Penguin Gang! Its one of the BEST cp websites so be sure to visit it! I go on it all the time and it has great cheats! So remeber to check it out! What do you think of Club Penguin Gang? Until next time!


Rockhopper Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

Hi guys this is molly222 here! Here are all the locations of the paper boats:

1. located at the mine.

2. At the cove

3.At the coffie shop

4.At the Dock

5. At the Beach

6. At the pool

7. At the Pet Shop

8. At the Ice Burg

Well Thats all of them. See yah!

Official CPGA Team Member: Frostylittle has arrived!

Status- Member
Job- President of CPGA
Gender- Male

Whats up I'm Frostylittle! I'm the founder and president of Club Penguin Global Academy, so I guess I'm a busy dude! I was inspired by Mimo777's blog Club Penguin Gang and decieded to make my own CP blog. My job is to look over the entire team, making sure every team member is doing there job. I don't know why, but I go CRAZY for TACO'S OR BURRITOS!! I just can't get over them! I also can't help but say "SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!" alot on my post, so don't think I'm crazy! My crib is at the night club, playing DJ3K and parting like no other penguin! My favorite game is probably the dance contest, it ROCKS!!!!!! Even though I stink at it! My job on CP is being a DJ, and I heard I'm pretty good! I always go on the servers Marshmellow and Mammoth, so catch me on ok?My current house is that Gym, and its decorated Blue VS Red theme! It is SWEEEEEET!!! Well I got to go dudes and dudettes so smell yah later!

Official CPGA Team Member: Go Gapboy999!

Job- Pin Searcher
Gender- Male
Yo dudes! My name is Gapboy999 and I LOVE club penguin! I'm a non-member but I still think Club Penguin is AWSOME! You can always have tons of fun on CP even if you can't buy clothes, go to member exclusive areas or decorate your igloo! It's fun sometimes just to hang out with your buddies! I go on diffrent servers all the time. I love to hang out my friends like Molly222 and Frostylittle! I'm also the youngest member on the team, which has its ups and downs! My favorite item is the rubber green duck. Whats yours? You can catch me hanging out at the pizza parlor all the time! Wee see yah!

Official CPGA Team Member: Meet Molly222!

Status- Member
Job- Vice President/ Catalog Cheater
Gender- Female
Hey penguins! I'm molly222! I love club penguin and webkinz. But club penguin is better. The coolest item on club penguin is the propeller hat. Its just so cool! What is your favorite item? And whats your favorite book for school? My favorite server is Flippers. I just love it so much! Maybe someday I'll meet you on! Have on Club Penguin!


Sunday, August 10, 2008


Check out the new theme at the stage. Its Rocks! The costume truch is also pretty cool. My favorite items its the track shirt. Whats yours?

The Openening of Club Penguin Global Academy!

Hi penguins! Welcome to The Club Penguin Global Academy! At this academy, you'll find ALL of the latest club penguin cheats and more! My penguin name is frostylittle and I'll be showing show most of the cheats on Club Penguin. So be sure to say hi to me if you catch me on CP! So anyways, I want you penguins out there to leave a comment about ANY kind of cheat. Until Next time!