Saturday, February 14, 2009

Molly222 Here!!!

Hi Guys!!! I know I did not post on CPGA in a long long long time but now I am back on top!! Last night I emailed frostylittle and asked him if I can come back and join the CPGA team. Of course he said YES YES YES!!!!! he said that my job was to make catalog cheats. Then I said that I will make the cheats first thing in the morning bright and early! He thought that would be great and that is the story how I came back on the cpga team.


brownie wen said...

Hey Molly! I am so exited that you are back!!! I am working on a new logo for Club Penguin Global Academy for you guys! i will post it on my blog at


P.S. Did you shut down your site?

Molly222 said...

dear brownie wen,
i did not shut down my blog, its still up and running. I used to be a member of this team a while back but quit since i was busy with my own blog. I am mostly posting more on molly222 cp cheats rather than cpga. Im coming to this blog as a vice president, and its my job to find catolog cheats.can Iask you a question? can I put you on my blogroll? Thanks!
P.S. Just to let you know, I'm frostylittle's little sister!