Sunday, August 17, 2008

NINJAS INVADING MAMMOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOOK! On the server mammoth black penguins with names like PENGUIN65079169 are on top of the night club!! Could theese penguins be... NINJAS!?!?! All of them appear to be saying things like r all and is so cool like and R and I. This seems to be some kind of Code! Also a ninja appeared at the Iceburg screaming penguins names!?! There is even one at the HQ AND ONE AT THE DOJO!! WHO ARE THEY!?!?! HOW DO THEY DO THAT!?!?! Nobody really knows but ALOT of penguins have been emailing cp. Stay tuned for nore information.
P.S. Sorry about the bad quallity of the pictures. I had a hard time getting them larger.

Frostylittle + Molly222


Anonymous said...

hey guys yourblog is so cool and i love it1 andcan i meet you on some day! bob23456788

Anonymous said...

you guys rock i love this blog!bob123456788

griffdog said...

I'm glad you like our blog! My acount name is Frostylittle and I'd be glad to met you on someday!

10ypinkgirl said...

I think they were hacking on clubpenguin to climb on the walls and stuff, or it was a clubpenguin test account, since the ninjas thing WAS on clubpenguin before, but not anymore. Though it'd be cool if the ninjas thing came back =] Anyways, I'm lovin your clubpenguin cheats/fan site griffdog!