Monday, August 11, 2008

Official CPGA Team Member: Frostylittle has arrived!

Status- Member
Job- President of CPGA
Gender- Male

Whats up I'm Frostylittle! I'm the founder and president of Club Penguin Global Academy, so I guess I'm a busy dude! I was inspired by Mimo777's blog Club Penguin Gang and decieded to make my own CP blog. My job is to look over the entire team, making sure every team member is doing there job. I don't know why, but I go CRAZY for TACO'S OR BURRITOS!! I just can't get over them! I also can't help but say "SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!" alot on my post, so don't think I'm crazy! My crib is at the night club, playing DJ3K and parting like no other penguin! My favorite game is probably the dance contest, it ROCKS!!!!!! Even though I stink at it! My job on CP is being a DJ, and I heard I'm pretty good! I always go on the servers Marshmellow and Mammoth, so catch me on ok?My current house is that Gym, and its decorated Blue VS Red theme! It is SWEEEEEET!!! Well I got to go dudes and dudettes so smell yah later!

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Anonymous said...

hey frostylittle im haveing so much fun on this blog its so fun! bob123456788