Monday, September 1, 2008


Hi guys look! If you have been on the server Sub Zero lately, and been at the town, sometimes you'll see a real live penguin on the roof! Unlike last time, theese penguins are not "glitched up" and are really online!(they can talk to you) As I said the last time this is a bug caused when all of the new features were launched. However it seems to be getting better since last time this bug was very awfull on mammoth. According to cp, theese penguins were not hackers, bots or even ninjas and are caused by an awfull virus. So really, this could happen to anyone but seems to be mostly non- members for some reason. Until I get as much ino on this as possble stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Hi that virus thingy isnt just for non members check out and she tells u how to do it on one of her older posts!

10ypinkgirl said...

i will e-mail you about the new advertisement picture. thanks, n bye!

griffdog said...

Dear Anonymous,
Well i really wouldn't do that! Thats cheating!

griffdog said...

Dear 10pinkygirl,
Thanks again!