Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CPGA Is Closing For Remodling

Hi guys! I know alot of you guys have been wondering "Why is CPGA not posting any cheats?" This is because of all the new features were about to launch so we have to close down for awhile. he longest it could take is two weeks, but we don't think that will be happening! If this plan becomes successful, we will have all of these new features on our blog!

Our blog will turn into a website!( custom domain blog address)

Free membership giveaways!

Cool contests!

Secret CPGA Parties!

ALOT more popularity!

And more!

While club penguin global academy is currently closed, we started a new blog called CPGA Development Team! At this new blog you'll be able to see all of our progress to complete our plan and you can help too! Visit now at http://www.cpgateam.blogspot.com/! Will see you soon!

-The entire CPGA Team


Molly222 said...

Oh really that so cool and I cant stop thinking about it and can I PUT A NEW POST ON YOUR BLOG? bye for now

Coolio317 said...

Please come! Hi I am going to have a party on the 26th of this month and it will be at 9:00 pst! The party will start at the dock! You must wear a party hat!