Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Game Of The Week: Aqua Grabber!

Hi guys and welcome to this game of week... Aqua Grabber! Aqua Grabber is one of the few games with levels on CP. In this game, you get to take control of a submarine like ship called the Aqua Grabber. With it you'll search for pearls, bottles of soda and hidden treasure! But be careful because you have a limited supply of air!
Here are all the controls for the game!
Arrow Keys: Use theese to move!
Space Bar: This allows you bring down a robotic hand to collect the items

When you start the game, you'll be sent to a map seen above. This is the level selection screen. A good idea is to start on level one THEN go to level two. That way you'll get a good feel of the game.
The object of the game is to collect the main treasure. This is diffrent for every level. There are also little treasures you can get for extra money.
-When you start seeing water fill up in the Aqua Grabber, either look for an air bubble(big bubble) or go up to the surface!
-Some items can just be taken when you pick them up, but some don't. For theese ones, carry them up to the net and then drop them in.
Stay tuned for the next game of the week!

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