Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's time to say Goodbye...

Dear Fans and Fellow Penguins,
We've had some amazing experiences here at CPGA. We earned great fans, excellent friends and awesome helpers. We never imagined having so many people come to this small, old blog to actually find some Club Penguin cheats. Compared to most blogs, I never even thought of someone leaving a comment. It was an experience of a life time.
Sometimes great things have to end, so better things can be made. I sure will miss this place, and everything about it. I'll miss my first fan EVER, my first advertisement helper and everything in between. Every time I posted the simplest or smallest cheat, you guys made me feel so happy.
Like many other blogs, we are coming to an end. Club Penguin Global Academy was a blast, and it always will be. We are now officially closed for good.
But... You haven't seen the last of us! We are now working on a new, better blog that will make your socks fly off. Yup, and its called Club Penguin Neighborhood. It's coming to you dedicated fans this summer, and I know you'll just love it! Most of the CPGA team are coming back, all except one member. Here is the web address:
Below is a list of people who have helped us big time with this blog.
Bob123456789- Our first full time fan EVER
SITE: None
Molly222- One of the most dedicated CPGA team members and a great Vice President
Polar Amigo- A helpful CPGA team member who knows how to chair you up
SITE: Only this one
Gapboy999- A very strong spirited, CPGA team who had the guts to be the youngest member
SITE: Only this one
Bruen5- The funniest CPGA team member
Snowbuddy555- Even though she didn't post must, she was a kind member of CPGA
SITE: Only this one
Miss Pink- The first advertisement helper we've ever had
Brownie Wen- The second advertisement helper and the penguin who helped major in designing this blog
Thank you for all you've done, and...
GOOD BYE!!!!!!
-Frostylittle President of CPGA


Anonymous said...

iT me fell sad when you closed down your blog. I amost cried but I cant wate for the new blog your making!! see you later!!


Tori said...

I need some helpers for my new blog... if you have enough time, let me know if you wold like to join our crew. :)


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